Retour sur le voyage à St Petersbourg

Dans le cadre de la semaine de découverte organisée à St Petersbourg, nos alternants ont pu rencontrer des étudiants du Petrovsky Collège.

Voici un résumé de cette rencontre par Olga Liadova, Head of International programs, tourism and service study department.

Cooperation with Centre for practical training CFA de l’IGS (Lyon, France)
In the middle of February (19-24.02.2018) Petrovskiy college hosted a delegation from France. 20 students and three teachers from Centre for practical training CFA (Lyon, France) visited St’Petersburg within the framework of the program of cooperation between our study institutions that has successfully started since 2011 in wide range of areas. One part of these cooperation areas is organization of mutual students meeting like seminars, which are hold in two languages: French and English. These meetings aim giving students possibility to have a conversation with native speakers, to learn a lot of new and interesting things about the life of peers from France.

In this year the cooperation program has been further developed: teachers from France gave practical classes for students of our college on a plan of advanced training. The seminars were supported by the European Union’s project Erasmus+, which aims support of study cooperation in the spheres of education, vocational training, professional education of youth and sport in 2014-2020. Students of different study interests: law, service and technical ones visited seminars on the topic of “Business English”. The information received by students will be extremely useful in finding work and preparing for an interview with the employer, it will also help them to avoid typical misunderstandings and mistakes in the preparation of personal profiles.

The reception of the delegation from France also included a cultural and business program with the participation of students and teachers of the college – visiting the sightseens of St. Petersburg, and the organization of a meeting with representatives of the « Solo SOKOS Bridge Palace Hotel ».

Undoubtedly, cooperation with the Center for practical training is mutually beneficial and promising – in 2018 students of the Petrovskiy College will undergo an internship in France under the ERUSMUS + project, and the college teachers will improve their qualifications in the CFA.

Olga Liadova, Head of International programs, tourism and service study department
Petrovskiy College, St’Petersburg, Russia